Shaytner Campos DUARTE, Dalcio Ricardo de ANDRADE, Eduardo SHIMODA, Jorge Hernandez FERNANDEZ, Marcelo Fanttini POLESE, Manuel Vazquez VIDAL Jr.


Realizing the need for more clarification on the status of research on Fish Nutrition, this work aimed to do a bibliometric study, using the Scopus database, using the entries Fish Nutrition and Enzyme Activity, both in Brazil and worldwide. The results were presented stratified, showing the tendencies of publication in the specific knowledge area. The research in the Scopus database was performed on January 2012, taking into account the historical series from 1999 to 2010. The data obtained from the research were: number of publications per year or historic series, publication by author, by area, by journal, by institution, by country and the language of the publication. The analysis of the concentration was performed by the comparison of the number of publication of the 10 main contributors (countries, knowledge area, authors, institutions and journal) in relation to the total of publications from Scopus database. For a temporal analysis, were used exponential regression equations of the number of publications in relation to the year. The values of each variable were linearized by the application of the logarithm, by means that the equation’s angular coefficient indicates the rank of growth in a specific period. The research showed that publications in "Fish Nutrition" and "Enzyme activity" had significant growth in the last decade, once the growth rate in publications worldwide and in Brazil were 204.4 and 493.2 in "Fish Nutrition", respectively. Also, the growth rate of publications for "Enzyme activity" showed values of 157.9 and 292 for the world and Brazil. The analysis of these data suggests a continuous interest in the areas surveyed, with great potential for development of this kind of research, especially in Brazil.

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