Evaluation of the association between delayed skeletal maturation and a single nucleotide polymorphim in the gene encoding estrogen receptor alpha

Paula Hueb de Menezes Oliveira, Caio Luiz Bitencourt Reis, Jordanna de Melo Teixeira do Brasil, Julia Carelli, Vinícius Otávio Nogueira, César Penazzo Lepri, Vinícius Rangel Geraldo Martins, Geraldo Thedei Júnior, Mirian Nakane Matsumoto, Maria Bernadete Sasso Stuani, Erika Calvano Küchler, Flares Baratto-Filho, Isabela Ribeiro Madalena


Background: Cervical vertebrae are important biological indicators of child and adolescent developmental stages. Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) can unbalance the functions of important hormones that can consequently impact the individual's skeletal maturation. Objective: To evaluate the association between delayed skeletal maturation (DSM) and a SNP in the gene encoding estrogen receptor alpha (ESR1) in girls. Methods: This cross-sectional study screened 74 girls with age ranging from 10 to 11 years undergoing to orthodontic treatment. Girls with systemic disease or syndrome were excluded. Skeletal maturation analysis was performed using the method by Baccetti et al. (2005). Girls who were at CS3 and CS4 stages were considered controls and girls who were at earlier stages were considered with delayed in skeletal maturation (DSM). Genomic DNA was used to evaluate the SNP PvuII/rs2234693 in ESR1 using Real-Time PCR. Fisher's test was applied to compare alleles between groups. Results: Twenty-eight girls were finally included in the analysis. There was no association between DSM and PvuII (rs2234693) (p=0.404). Conclusion: DSM was not associated with the SNP PvuII (rs2234693) in ESR1 in girls.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18571/acbm.226


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